Big Hair and Makeup, And Other Stuff

Okay, rolling into the last showing of What Is Common in about 12 hours.  This process has been enormously fun.  I've learned some things.  One is that my anxiety level about a "work in progress" showing is pretty much the exact same as it is for a quote unquote "finished" showing of a work.  So, I don't get any breaks there.  The good news is that the audience is loving Julie's work, we're all performing rather astoundingly well, and there's a lot of excitement about how things are going to develop.  Of course, I'm biased because I think Julie should win a Critic's Table award for every single thing she does...

Something else I'm learning about is big hair and makeup.  I'd given some advice (upon request--nothing worse than a counselor who doesn't know when she's off the clock) to Scarbarella, one of the Dagger dancers, and she texted me to ask if there was anything she could do for me in return since I wouldn't accept payment.  As it happened, she's a hairdresser, and I had belatedly realized the day before the opening show that I had no idea how to do my hair for this thing.  I started letting my hair grow last year and haven't had hair this long since high school, and it's not like I knew how to do anything with it back then either.  

So I asked for, and got, a wonderful lesson on how one sprays, teases and clips hair like mine into something that looks nice and stays put through a dance piece that does involve rolling around on the top of my head for a few minutes at one point.  The hair thing is a thing, know what I'm saying?  There are steps.  One has to have, and know how to use, product.  I'm so very glad I had a professional in my court to show me this stuff because I would have never figured it out on my own.  She used this special hairspray that makes everything get very big and wavy.  So glamorous! I wish I'd known how to do this in the 80s because that was the right era and I would have been so much cooler, or so I choose to believe.  Makeup is also a thing.  I am pretty sure that I have watched, at this point, around 30 makeup tutorials by gay guys on Youtube.   Good stuff.

So performance is this whirlwind of costume and warmup and hair and makeup and lights and no time for anything at all except to either do shows or go to shows.  In the middle of it all, I run into my former psychoanalyst at a wedding.  I'm irritated at him because he hasn't returned the phone calls I made to him about returning a stack of books I borrowed from his library, one of which is out of print and therefore rather rare.  When he came up to me at the wedding I told him I needed an apology from him for being flaky.  I did receive said apology along with a promise to set something up to get the books back.  It's his last chance, otherwise I'm keeping them, which I also said.  After all, he's the one who insisted over and over again that I learn how to call it straight and keep it clean.  It happens, right?  It's like that scene from Kill Bill 2.  Student surprises master with five point palm exploding heart trick, etcetera.  It's that whole killing the Buddha thing.

Okay, that's it for now.  Back in another day or so.